Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Modern Pig Farming".Apa pandangan sahabat kita dari UK?

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.Sahabat-sahabat yang dirahmati Allah,sejak ana cuba masukkan isu Modern Pig Farming dalam blog ana,berbagai respon yang dilihat menarik perhatian ana samada secara bertulis mahupun bual bicara.

Ana suka untuk membaca respon yang ana rasakan ia adalah positif daripada sahabat kita di UK berkenaan dengan isu ini. Respon yang tidak menyebelahi mana-mana pihak samada Kerajaan Negeri Selangor sendiri mahupun pembangkang di negeri tersebut.Ia wajar dilihat sebagai timbangan kepada mereka-mereka yang sengaja membangkitkan isu ini.Cuba kita baca komen ini:

"Hhmm, i not trying to be too islamist or nationalist in this issue.

ok, first, we must acknowledge that malaysia is not totally malays country; there are chinese and indians.

in islam, we must cater other races' or religions' needs. in this case, some malaysians eat babi.

some say why don't we transfer the babi farm to isolated place; selangor is a big country. i might say, if we do that, maybe the local gov (or the farmers) have to build special road leading to the isolated babi farm which both parties may disagree.

so, that 's not quite brilliant idea.

hhmm, is there any exact rules regarding distance of factories/farms from housing lot? if the new farm is legally within the law, then i think nobody can argue the matter.

but, that might not be the best answer to give to the residents.

hhmm, i think what the new gov can do is to convince the concerned residents about their health or surrounding environment in the near future meaning, let say every month or what, there will be a team of environment experts taking samples from say river, air or whatever associated with environment and analyse them. then , new gov can publicly publish the statistics maybe in official blog, website, press conference to maintain people confidence in the progress/ effectiveness of the project.

maybe, the new gov can set up special clinics or improve health facilities (existing clinic) for residents near the babi farm.

maybe can give medicine periodically to the residents to avoid any infection just in case.

maybe can grow more (big) trees surrounding the new babi farm or near the the farm. i mean, a lot of it.

we cannot get away from this issue simply by not building the farm. somewhere and some time, some states have to build this babi farm too if it is not melaka or selangor because of babi- eater people; we have to cater their needs as malaysians too.

what we can do now is how to reduce the impact of the babi farm. maybe the new gov can publicly announce there will be semburan to prevent the disease caused by the babi say every month or what.

hhmm, maybe we can educate people about the bad affects of eating pork so that in the end, less people eat pork. i don't think pork is something addictive alike cigarette. this might be too idealistic though, but frankly speaking, i don't want my fellow non- muslim or pork eaters to continue to eat something that is not quite healthy as being proved by vast researches conducted even by non- muslim researches and professors.

or we can make pork price higher than chicken, lembu or other daging as what we did (and will do ) to alcohol and cigarette. by doing that, less people will eat pork gradually, kot. the extra money collected from the selling of the pork will finance the semburan, trees planting, vaccine to be given to concerned residents etc. but, i can say, this is a bit overreaction kot".

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